Demo of Backbone Bootstrap Gallery

This is a demo of my plugin "Backbone Bootstrap Gallery" (development version for WordPress 4.8). The gallery below is specified using the standard WordPress shortcode:

[gallery ids="42,40,37,36,35,28,15,45,50,63,54,14,53,36,21,15,62,57,55,9,8,23"]

My plugin overrides the standard WordPress implementation of this shortcode. The documentation for this plugin is here. Version 1.8 adds support for Miro’s Justified Gallery. The images are from Public Domain Images and Public Domain Pictures.


This is a mobile-friendly plug-compatible replacement for the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode. It is implemented using a Backbone.js Model-View-Presenter (MVP) populated via the WordPress REST API, styled by a Twitter Bootstrap 3 stylesheet and with touch support provided by components from jQuery Mobile. The MVP paradigm allows you to switch instantaneously (i.e. without doing a HTTP request) between multiple views of a gallery. The default implementation supports a gallery view, a carousel view, a tabs view and a dense view of the gallery. The WordPress REST API also makes it possible without reloading the page to dynamically load a collection of images from some preset galleries or dynamically create and load a collection of images specified by some search criteria. The view is styled by a Twitter Bootstrap 3 stylesheet so it is automatically responsive. This page is using theme Twenty Sixteen. This development version can be downloaded from GitHub or from this download link.

If you like this you may want to try TML’s gallery viewer – another multi-view gallery viewer by my alter ego, B68C, which has a similar but more unconventional design.