Demo of Backbone Bootstrap Gallery

This is a demo of my plugin "Backbone Bootstrap Gallery" (development version for WordPress 4.9). The gallery below is specified using the standard WordPress shortcode:

[gallery ids="42,40,37,36,35,28,15,45,50,63,54,14,53,36,21,15,62,57,55,9,8,23"]

My plugin overrides the standard WordPress implementation of this shortcode. The documentation for this plugin is here. The images are from Public Domain Images and Public Domain Pictures.


This is a mobile-friendly plug-compatible replacement for the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode. It is implemented using a Backbone.js Model-View-Presenter (MVP) populated via the WordPress REST API, styled by a Twitter Bootstrap 3 stylesheet and with touch support provided by components from jQuery Mobile. The MVP paradigm allows you to switch instantaneously (i.e. without doing a HTTP request) between multiple views of a gallery. The default implementation supports Miro’s justified gallery, a basic gallery view, a carousel view, a tabs view and a dense view of the gallery. The WordPress REST API also makes it possible without reloading the page to dynamically load a collection of images from some preset galleries or dynamically create and load a collection of images specified by some search criteria. Try searching for ‘lake’, ‘canyon’, ‘waves’, ‘bridge’, ‘boat’, … . The view is styled by a Twitter Bootstrap 3 stylesheet so it is automatically responsive. This page is using the Twenty Sixteen theme. This development version can be downloaded from GitHub or from this download link.